Happy to see again my DJ friend Ann-drew...... :)

We have known each other for more than 4 years by now. I remember vividly the first time when I saw Andrew. We were in the Rock party London Calling in SchwuZ. He have captured my attention right after he entered into the bar. At the beginning, I thought he was a girl with smoky eyes. He had that Cleopatra haircut, off black. I was telling myself, "Oh, that girl is really special." Afterwards, I found that he is a "HE". I was even more impressed by his pure androgynous look. Right away, I came to him in saying,"Hey, I like so much your style." He looked at me silently and seconds later replied to me in smiling, "Same here." Then, we started to talk.

Each time, when I go back to Berlin, we see each other. We are getting closer and closer throughout the years. Now, whenever I am in Berlin, he will introduce his interesting friends to me and bring me to all those parties where his friends are the host DJs. He shows me quite a lot the nightscenes in Berlin. The more I get to know Berlin, the more the cit amazes me.



©Shing Chan